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Azer Turk Bank launched the campaign "Low interest weather"

10 September, 2018
Azer Turk Bank launched the campaign Low interest weather

State Azer Turk Bank, which constantly offers loans to customers on the most favorable terms, in order to satisfy their material needs, announces new campaign called "Low interest weather" from September 10.
The main purpose of this campaign is to offer discounts to customers receiving loans, as well as to create an opportunity for easy and convenient loan repayment.
As the part of this campaign, the Bank offers a discount to customers wishing to get consumer loan. The Bank provides a 1% discount on the annual interest rate on this type of loans, issued for 12, 24 and 36 months. For example, during the campaign, loans for 12 months are issued not at 19% per annum, but at 18%.
In addition, the client is exempt from paying first month’s interest on the loan. According to the terms of the campaign, interest on the loan is accrued one month after its issue and the amount is paid on a monthly basis in equal installments. Note that interest that is not charged for the first month, also will not be added to the payment of interest payments in the following months.
The campaign is active till September 30.

More information is available at , the Bank’s corporate pages at social networks, WhatsApp (055) 777 09 45 or at (012) 945 Call Center.