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Azer Turk Bank’s Information Center switched to 24/7 operation

22 October, 2019
Azer Turk Bank’s Information Center switched to 24/7 operation

State-owned Azer Turk Bank, which always cares about the convenience of its customers, decided to introduce another innovation to improve the quality of its services.
Since October, the Bank’s Customer Relationship Management Center began to provide real-time services 24 hours a day, including Saturday and Sunday. The Bank’s employees respond to requests on the Bank’s social networks corporate pages, WhatsApp (055) 7770 945, or calls to (012) 945 in real time.
The modern information center at Azer Turk Bank was established in January 2017.
Over the past three years, the Center has received over 150,000 inquiries, online orders, and various requests from customers via telephone channels.
In addition, Bank employees regularly communicate with customers through the Bank’s pages on Facebook and Instagram, with number of total subscribers of 163,000. Over the past year, over 16,000 people contacted the Bank by writing on WhatsApp.