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We will make number 22 special for everyone

The Bank plans to bring joy to everyone and spread good news during the next 22 days, from July 11 to August 1. The State Bank prepared following news:

  • State-owned Azer Turk bank will announce a 22 days’ offer at least 22% discount for annual service fee to individuals holding business and debet MasterCards;
  • Offer a 22% discount to the monthly or annual fee for the clients renting deposit cells
  • Present everyone born in July MasterCard Standard with 1 year maintenance (AZN/USD/EUR)
  • Open free current accounts for everyone willing to be customer of the Bank
  • Cancel minimal monthly service fees for POS-terminals maintenance (30 AZN) for 6 month period
  • Offer free 2-month rental of the deposit cells for customers opening deposit accounts starting from 2 200 AZN

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