Azer Turk Bank holds out exciting opportunity for football fans

From July 1 to July 15 every scored goal will lead not only to victory in the match, but will also downgrade the loan interest rate! Thus, every goal scored in the FIFA World Cup will downgrade the loan interest rate by 0,25%! All goals scored during the day will be summed up and the result will be deducted from the annual interest rate (for example, if 8 goals were scored during the day, the annual interest rate will be reduced by 2% (0.25 x 8)). Note that the campaign does not cover loans with one-year period and goals scored through a penalty shootout in additional time.

Consumer loan annual interest fee:

AZN: 24 months – 23%, 36 months – 25%, 48 months – 27%
USD: 24 months – 11%, 36 months – 12%, 48 months – 13% 

Interest fee discount for 12.07.2018-13.07.2018: 0.75%

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