“Joint Future” campaign


In the framework of social responsibility activities, which is one of its priorities, Azer Turk Bank presents “Joint Future” campaign aiming to support youth studying in foreign universities. Our goal is to take even smallest part in the process of education of the youth, which is a guarantee of our future. Every student, verifying the fact of studying, or future study in a foreign university, will get a one-year MasterCard Standard card for free!

Term of the campaign:

This campaign is valid from 4th of July 2016.

In the framework of the campaign:

  • A one-year MasterCard Debit card will be given for free.

Eligible for:

  • Students, studying or planning to study abroad.

Required documents:

  • Student card / any document verifying the fact of present or future study in a foreign university.
  • ID card
  • Application form of a customer.

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