Business cards

Business Card

1 year - 30 azn 16.80 azn

2 year - 45 azn 25.20 azn

3 year - 60 azn 33.60 azn

Extra card: 50% of the main card’s price

Employees can use this card for separating expenses of the company from their own expenses

Number of cash transactions reduce and such problems as need for extra cash and return of remained amount are taken away

Company management can easily control expenses. No need for explanations each time payment is made – account statement gives detailed information about all expenses

No need to declare cash in customs declarations during trips to foreign countries. The problem of safety of funds or conversion to foreign currencies are eliminated

Minimized risk of error

Reduction of cash

Saved time for treasurers and bookkeepers

Saved time on calculation of money and encashment

Simplified documentation procedures.

Clients ordering Business cards will take advantage of 44% discounts in frames of “We will make number 22 special for everyone!” campaign, held from July 11 up to August 1. Note: The discounts also cover supplementary cards.

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