Card to Card

General Information

Card to Card / General Information

The «Card to card» service of “Azer Turk Bank” enables card holders to carry out money transfers between different card accounts through Bank’s ATMs, “Internet Banking” and “Mobile Banking” services.

«Kart transfer» service (transfer) - 0.15%(min.0.5AZN) , 4% (USD/EUR)
«Kart transfer» service (When wages and deposits received cards)- 1.00%(min.0.8 AZN), 4% (USD/EUR)


Service features

Card to Card / Service features

  1. This service enables you to carry out money transfers any time from your “Azer Turk Bank” card account to any other card account supported by “Azericard” processing center.

Card to Card / Registration

To carry out a «Card to Card» operation you can use features of “Internet Banking” and “Mobile Banking” services or approach any ATM of the Bank and follow procedures as below:

1. Insert your card into “Azer Turk Bank’s” ATM;
2. Choose language(«AZƏRBAYCAN», «ENGLISH», «РУССКИЙ»);
3. Insert PIN code;
4. Choose “Money transfers” menu;
5. Choose the currency of transferred amount;
6. Insert recipient’s card number (16 digits);
7. Insert the expiry date of the transfer;
8. Indicate the transferred amount;
9. Approve inserted information (will be shown on the ATM’s display). (In case of any misleading information press “Cancel” and start the operation from the beginning).

«Card to Card» xidməti üzrə komissiyalar 0.15%(min.0.5AZN) , 4% (USD/EUR)


“Cash to Card” xidməti vasitəsilə əmək haqqı və ya deposit kartlarına vəsait daxil edildiyi halda

- 1.00%(min.0.8 AZN), 4% (USD/EUR) həcmində komisyon vəsaiti qəbul edən kartdan tutulur


To card accounts of which Banks money transfers are possible?

Money transfers are possible between “Azer Turk Bank” card account and any other card account supported by “Azericard” processing center.


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