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General Information

Cash-in / General Information

The “Cash-in” and “Cash to any Card” services of “Azer Turk Bank” enable you to increase balance of your or any other card any time through using Bank’s ATMs.

Services are free (excluding operations held on deposit and salary cards).

In case of difference between inserted currency and the currency of card account, conversion fee is charged.


Service features

Cash-in / Service features

  1. «Cash-in» service enables you to increase the balance of your card by cash without approaching the Bank.
  2. «Cash to any Card» service enables you to transfer funds to accounts of your friends and family being abroad.

Cash-in / Registration

To use the «CASH-in» service:

Insert your card into Bank’s ATM, enter the PIN code and select the language;
Choose “Cash –in” function and currency of the operation;
Insert cash into special slot and approve the operation;
Take printed receipt.

To use the «Cash to any Card» service:

In the Cash-in type ATM’s menu choose the «CASH TO ANY CARD» function;
Insert the amount of transfer and insert money into special slot;
Insert the recipient’s card number and approve the operation; Take printed receipt.

Attention: Operations are carried only in Azerbaijani manats and USA dollars. You can insert maximum 50 banknotes at a time for an operation.



Which ATMs can be used for «Cash-in» and «Cash to any Card» services?

These services can be used through «Cash-in» type ATMs. You may find the location of ATMs on Bank’s website (


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