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Contactless cards

General information

Contactless cards / General information

Azer Turk Bank presents MasterCard PayPass contactless payment cards. This innovation designed especially for convenience of customers enables users of these cards to make payments with a single touch in POS terminals equipped with MasterCard PayPass logos on them.

Benefits of this service

Contactless cards / Benefits of this service

Users of MasterCard and Maestro are able to pay small amounts without entering PIN-codes through POS-terminals equipped for contactless payment. By using MasterCard PayPass payment cards, customers of Azer Turk Bank will be able to save their priceless time. At the same time, the Bank activates acceptance of contactless payments from POS terminals installed for business entities. Now you can make payments at this type of POS terminals even while using cards equipped with latest technologies.

How to use

Contactless cards / How to use

To make a non-cash contactless payment just bring your card close to the POS terminal device.


Contactless cards / FAQ

Users of which cards may benefit from the service? - MasterCard Maestro and MasterCard Standard.

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