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İnternet Bankçılıq

General Information

Internet Banking / General Information

«Azer Turk Bank» offers its customers easy-to-use, contemporary «Internet Banking» service which enables them to manage bank accounts through Internet. Now you can save time by managing your accounts and payment cards anytime from anywhere through any computer connected to the Internet.

The system is operating continuously (24х7х365);
Possibility of access to the system from any part of the world;
There is no need in any special application for the use;
Safety of the system is provided on a high level. Use of one-time passwords disables any intervention of third parts.

Service features

Internet Banking / Service features

Get account statements (including inactive cards);
Card Transfer;
Make Payments (mobile and stationery phone bills, utility bills, Internet providers);
Card block. After using this service your card will be blocked and any operation on it will be impossible. To activate the card please approach the Bank.
Recurrent payments. To create the payment customer should insert necessary information and then select frequency of payments. The system will make automatic payments based on the information provided by the customer.
Payment templates. To create payment template customer should insert necessary information and save it in the system. For the next payment with the same destination customer doesn’t need to insert any information.

Note: In order to implement listed operations a one-time password has to be entered.


Internet Banking / Registration

In order to connect to the service a bank card and one-time passwords should be acquired. Connection may take place through the following ways:

1 Way . Through using one-time passwords.

You can get a list of one-time passwords from any ATM of a Bank supported by “AzeriCard” processing center. For this:

  • Insert your payment card into ATM and enter the PIN code;
  • In the Main Menu select “Services”;
  • Select “IB passwords list”;
  • Take the receipt with one-time passwords.

To register as a new user for “Internet Banking” service, go to the “Registration of a new user” section on the service’s website, insert the number of the payment card and through using a one-time password choose the type of registration. Next, according to instructions, insert one-time password (only with capital Latin letters and numbers) and the number required by the system. Choose username (login) and password which you will be using during your next access into the system.

2 Way. “Register by card number”

In case you are subscribed to the “SMS Notifications” service, registration may take place without approaching Bank’s ATMs. For this, on the website of “Internet Banking” service choose “Register by card number” and insert the payment card number. Use the one-time password sent to your mobile number via SMS and follow instructions. Choose username (login) and password which you will be using during your next access into the system.

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Internet Banking / Attention!

Attention! Along with being used during the registration procedure for the “Internet Banking” service, one-time passwords are used for approve of some operations as well (example, for Card Transfer, Payments, etc). The passwords should be acquired with the same payment card indicated during the registration for “Internet Banking” system. You have to keep the receipt with one-time passwords acquired through ATM.

Attention! The username (login) and password you created are confidential and must be known only to you. Based on this:

Never disclose, save or write on easily accessible place your username and password;
Don’t create easy password (please review recommendations for creation of a secure password)

- One-time passwords can be used only once and are not intended for reuse. In case you have used all passwords in your list, you may acquire a new list with passwords. The passwords not used in the old list automatically become invalid which makes usage of them by third parties impossible.

Attention! One-time passwords are secret codes owned only by the card holder which are intended for his usage during approve of operations. This is an important factor in providing security of operations. Remember! Operations held with use of one-time passwords are perceived as operations carried by customer and can not be denied. For this reason never reveal passwords to third parties!


What is a one-time password and how it can be obtained?

One-time passwords are secret codes owned only by the card holder which are intended for his usage during approve of bank operations.

Template of printed one-time passwords list.

During a payment operation you will be offered the following methods of approval: One time password from ATM (receipt); Onetime password from mobile phone (only for subscribers of Mobile Banking service) or Onetime password via SMS.

Choosing “Onetime password via SMS” you will get a one-time password to the mobile number subscribed for the SMS Notifications service.

Choosing “Onetime password from mobile phone” you will get a special code which will provide you a one-time password once it is inserted into appropriate section of Mobile Banking service menu.

How to create a secure password?

The password in «Internet Banking» system is an important tool of protecting your bank account. Please take it very seriously! In case of any doubt of information outflow, immediately change the password!

To create a secure password do the following:
Don’t use passwords such as “54321”, “qwerty”, “password”. Don’t make passwords including your name, surname, date of birth, ID numbers etc. Such passwords can be easily revealed.
Can not include less than 6 symbols;
Can not be the same as username (login);
Has to include both capital and small letters;
Has to include punctuation marks or numbers;
Has to be memorable to you.

How to change a password?

To change password in «Internet Banking» system insert your login, current and new passwords in appropriate section of the system menu. After successful operation the old password will become invalid.

What to do if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password you may enter the system by using a one-time password. The list of one-time passwords can be obtained from any ATMs of a bank supported by “AzeriCard” processing center. In order not to repeatedly enter the system by using one-time passwords you can cancel your registration. Furthermore, you can make a new registration.
Such working mechanism is applied for providing safety to your account. Bank employees don’t know passwords of customers – passwords are encrypted and kept in the system and can not be restored.

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