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Mobile banking

Main information

Mobile banking service allows you to conduct various banking transactions without visiting the bank. This service can be used in 24/7 mode, at any time of the day, simply by downloading the "Azər Türk Bank" application on your phone. The application is very convenient and reliable to use.

Service features

By connecting to the Mobile Banking service, you can conduct the following banking transactions:

  • Cards and accounts

In this section you can get information about active cards and their balance. Also, it is possible to block the card in case of its loss or other problems, and activate again after the problems are eliminated.

  • Transfers

In this section you can hold money transfers to your own or other cards. For making a transfer you should select a card, the amount and enter the data of the card on which the funds will be transferred.

  • Payments

In this section you can pay for the services of mobile operators, Internet providers, TV and etc.

  • Account statements

In this section you can get a transactions report for your valid cards.

  1. Download the "Azər Türk Bank" application from "GooglePlay" or "AppStore" on your phone;
  2. Insert the card into the ATM;
  3. After entering the PIN code, select the "Services" section;
  4. Select "Registration of mobile banking" section;
  5. Receive a check with the serial number and components;
  6. To activate the application on your phone enter the serial number printed from ATM in the opened window;
  7. Then enter the components;
  8. After that you need to create a PIN-code for the application and enter it twice.

How is information security provided?

  1. All the transmitted data is being encrypted.
  2. Special libraries guarantee the security of transmitted data.
  3. The program is provided with special PIN code which prevents unauthorized usage.
  4. The data is not stored in the program and is being checked in the host.

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