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Limits applied to operations with payment cards issued by Azer Turk Bank in order to increase security:

Security / Limits applied to operations with payment cards issued by Azer Turk Bank in order to increase security:

No more than 2 transactions using magnetic strip of the card can be held during 20 minutes.

The overall daily turnover for transactions using magnetic strip not to exceed 250 USD.

On the US territory for merchants with MCC codes 5310 (discount stores) and 5411 (grocery stores and supermarkets) number of daily operations limited by 3, the overall daily turnover for transactions not to exceed 250 USD.

In the countries from the list of high-risk countries for frauds with payment cards, withdrawal and other operations exceeding 250 USD within 24 hours are not allowed.

Through the Internet websites, that do not support “3D Secure” service, can be held no more than 5 transactions a day, and their total sum not to exceed 2000 AZN (websites from the .az domain zone are exclusion).

No more than one transaction can be held during two hours in two and more countries.

Daily transactions through POS terminals without entering PIN code cannot exceed 20 AZN in total.
Note: ORM criteria limits can be reviewed upon a customer request.
List of high-risk countries

Security / List of high-risk countries

Bhutan AP
Maldives AP
Anguilla LAC
Antigua and Barbuda LAC
Aruba LAC
Bahamas LAC
Barbados LAC
Belize LAC
Bermuda LAC
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) LAC
Cayman islands LAC
Chile LAC
Colombia LAC
Cuba LAC
Dominica LAC
Ecuador LAC
El Salvador LAC
Grenada LAC
Guadeloupe LAC
Guatemala LAC
Guyana LAC
Haiti LAC
Honduras LAC
Jamaica LAC
Martinique LAC
Mexico LAC
Montserrat LAC
Netherlands Antilles LAC
Nicaragua LAC
Panama LAC
Paraguay LAC
Peru LAC
Saint Kitts and Nevis LAC
Saint Lucia LAC
St. Vincent and the grenadines LAC
Suriname LAC
Trinidad and Tobago LAC
Turks and Caicos islands LAC
Uruguay LAC
Venezuela, Bolivarian republic LAC
Virgin islands, British LAC
American Samoa AP
British Indian ocean territory AP
Brunei Darussalam AP
Cambodia AP
Christmas island AP
Cocos (keeling) islands AP
Cook islands AP
Fiji AP
French Polynesia AP
Guam AP
Heard and McDonald islands AP
Indonesia AP
Johnston island AP
Kiribati AP
Korea, (Democratic People's Republic of) AP
Lao (Democratic People's Republic of) AP
Macao AP
Malaysia AP
Marshall islands AP
Micronesia, federated states of AP
Midway islands AP
Mongolia AP
Myanmar AP
Nauru AP
New Caledonia AP
Niue AP
Norfolk island AP
Northern Mariana islands AP
Palau AP
Papua new guinea AP
Philippines AP
Pitcairn AP
Samoa AP
Solomon islands AP
Taiwan AP
Thailand AP
Timor-Leste AP
Tokelau AP
Tonga AP
Tuvalu AP
Vanuatu AP
Vietnam AP
Wake island AP
Wallis and Futunan AP
China AP
Japan AP
India AP
Nepal AP
Puerto Ricco LAC
Virgin islands, U.S. LAC

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