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SMS Notification / Information

“SMS banking” service of “Azer Turk Bank” enables you to easily get information on operations held on your card account and receive one-time passwords for “Internet Banking” and “3D Secure” services through instant SMS.

Every time debit or credit operation takes place on your card, the system automatically sends notifying messages to your mobile number with details of operation.

Service features

SMS Notification / Service features

Getting information in real-time mode
Independence of the place and time
Ability to connect to any mobile number
Ability to get notifications about unsuccessful operations (lack of funds, card’s validity expiry dates and etc.)
No payment for each notifying message.

SMS Notification / Registration

You can enable the «SMS Notification» service through the Bank’s ATM network, ATMs served by AzeriCard processing center, or at any branch of Azer Turk Bank.

Monthly price for SMS Notification - 1.18 AZN


SMS Notification / FAQ

How much will be subtracted from my mobile number balance each time I get a message from «SMS banking» service?

There is no fee subtracted from your mobile number balance. The monthly service fee for “SMS Banking” is 1.18 AZN and this amount is subtracted from your card balance.

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