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Credit line opened through a payment card

Age limit: 20- 55 years
Workplace: Any person with official workplace/ retired person
Salary: min 350 AZN
Work experience: work experience of a borrower at the most recent workplace should be at least 6 months
Maximum amount of the monthly payment:

depends on the ratio of borrower’s income to his monthly debt burden (DTI coefficient)

Debt-To-Income Ratio is calculated as follows


  • D - Borrower’s debt burden
  • PMT - amount of the monthly payment of a new loan
  • İ - Borrower’s net income after paying taxes

The DTI coefficient cannot be more than 40% when borrower’s income is less than three-fold living wage (136 AZN); and more than 50% when the income is more than three-fold living wage

Payment conditions:

Interest accrued on the used part of principal amount should be paid on monthly basis, and the principal amount should be paid at maturity.  
Loan guarantee: At least 1 guarantor regardless of the loan amount.

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