Azer Turk Bank announces structural changes

The organizational structure of Azer Turk Bank was changed by the decision of the Bank’s Supervisory Board.

The departments of retail banking and corporate banking replaced loan department and business development department.

The department of managing business processes, previously functioning as division, was created. Araz Ganjali, former head of this division, was appointed to the position of the department director.

According to the new structure, the Office of the Chairman will also perform the functions of Bank’s internal protocolization and record keeping.

The names of a number of divisions and departments were also changed . In particular, the Strategic Planning and Marketing Department and the Department for Financial Institutions and Settlements were renamed to the Marketing Department and the Settlement Department.

These changes are primarily aimed at maintaining stable growth and improving quality of the services for both individuals and legal entities.

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75 percent of shares of Azer Turk Bank, performing in Azerbaijan since 1995, belongs to the state.

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