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Azer Turk Bank completes first quarter with profit

The assets of state-owned Azer Turk Bank increased 15% over the year to 312,3 mln. manats for April 1, 2018. The loan portfolio of the Bank totaled 116,9 mln. manats.

The total income of the Bank achieved 15,5 mln. manats, the total expenses – 15,3 mln. manats. Net profit of the Bank for the first quarter exceeded 192 thousand manats.

The aggregate capital of the Bank amounted to 53,7 mln. manats, the capital adequacy ratio was set at 25,5%, that exceeds the established regulative norms 3 times approximately. At the end of the reporting period, the liquidity ratio was 106%. According to the established norms, this ratio should be 30%.

The deposit portfolio of the Bank amounted to 161,8 mln. manats, 77,2 mln. manats of which are the deposits of the population. The number of active plastic cards of the Bank exceeds 39 200 units, it grew 20% against the similar period of the previous year. The number of clients of the Bank grew by 16% and totaled 28 594 people.

75 percent of shares of Azer Turk Bank, performing in Azerbaijan since 1995, belongs to the state.

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