“Sabah” for the students’ future

“Sabah” for the students’ future

“Sabah groups” held the presentation of their “Career Academy” in the Ministry of Education. Mr. Firudin Gurbanov, Deputy Minister of Education, employees of “Sabah groups” and the management of the official partner of the Academy - Azer Turk Bank attended the event.

The academy covers 4 directions: professional career, postgraduate education, entrepreneurship and scientific research. The purpose of the project is to instill skills necessary for successful career start to the last year students of “Sabah groups”. It was mentioned that last year about 600 “Sabah” students of 44 specializations had experience in 38 public and private institutions.

According to the agreement between the Ministry of Education and Azer Turk Bank, one group of “Sabah” students majoring in finance, will get the opportunity of internship in the Bank’s various structures and learn the intricacies of banking.

Azer Turk Bank is one of the institutions, which constantly contributes to the development of younger generations

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