Azer Turk Bank completes first quarter with profit

According to the information given by the press service of Azer Turk Bank, assets of the Bank were determined at the level of 291 468 thousands manats for March 31, 2017. Loan portfolio of the Bank totaled 139,8 mln. manats. The aggregate capital of the Bank, after payoffs, amounted to 54 776 thousands manats, the capital adequacy ratio was set at 30,87%.

The ROA index, illustrating the efficiency of the Bank’s assets, constituted 1,10%, return on the equity index (ROE) – 7,24%.

The total income of the Bank achieved 7,493 mln. manats, the total expenses – 6,4 mln. manats, net profit of the Bank exceeded 1,064 mln. manats. The deposit portfolio of the Bank amounted to 191,9 mln. manats. The authorized capital of the Bank is 50 mln. manats.

75 percent of shares of Azer Turk Bank, performing in Azerbaijan since 1995, belong to the state.

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