The whole world is happy if children are happy

The whole world is happy if children are happy

The attention and care of children, teenagers and youth, creation for them comprehensive conditions is one of the priority directions of the state policy today. Important issues in the direction of ensuring physical and moral development of children were executed and are performed from our state.

Now various projects in the direction of the problem resolution of children are realized in the country. One of them is the project «ASAN Məktub».

The purpose of this project is laying of a basis of irreplaceable social activities and to present to children free joy and to make them happy in our country having ancient traditions of virtue. Through the project «ASAN Məktub» are implemented in life dreams of children of needy families, orphanages and needing constant care.

At the meeting organized for the implementation of the dreams and desires of the children from various regions of the country specified in 22 appeals addressed to "Asan məktub" on January 30, took part representatives of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Volunteers of Asan service, representatives of Azer Turk Bank, and also children and their parents. In the beginning the children watched entertainment program, further kids were handed gifts. Thanks to the love of adults, kids have acquired everything that wished in the letters. After the event little guests thanked organizers with eyes full of joy.

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