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What are the benefits of this service?

  • It has no service-fee and helps you to save resources

Connection to the service and its usage is absolutely free of charge. Rates for transactions through the Internet banking system, are lower than the average.

  • Free connection to the SMS/E-mail notification service

Clients connected to the corporate Internet banking system can connect to the SMS/E-mail notification service for free.

  • Wide range of transactions

Through the corporate Internet banking service, it is possible to carry out all standard operations, without visiting the bank.

  • Instant operations

Automatic confirmation of transactions, without bank employees’ participation

  • Management and 24/7 Translations

Manage and check your accounts anytime from anywhere in the world online. The ability to make payroll transfers, internal bank transfers and transfers between your accounts 24/7.

  • Payroll and salary transfers in various ways

The possibility of making salary transfers to employees' accounts from an Excel file, by creating payments directly in the system

  • Safety and reliability

ATB BUSINESS is absolutely reliable. Security of remote banking services is provided according modern methods of information security.


The Bank's BUSINESS CASH-BACK loyalty program allows you to receive bonus points in return for paid commissions for transactions performed in Internet banking system.


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