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E-commerce provides a wide range of opportunities for marketing through the Internet, establishing relationships between the buyer and the seller, promoting or ordering goods and services, making payments, choosing and implementing delivery schemes. Our bank offers you convenient, quick and safe payment gateway on your site for selling products and services to customers using payment cards.

Advantages of E-commerce compared to traditional trade:

  • Expands sales markets for suppliers and creates new choices for customers;
  • Provides an opportunity to create new sales channels with round the clock (24x7) operation mode helping to increase brand awareness and sell your products and services to potential customer audience;
  • Exempts the need of storing and counting funds, transferring them to the bank, changing to smaller bills, and holding other risky and labor-intensive transactions;
  • Online transaction control;
  • Simplifies the sales volumes analysis due to the use of online reporting;
  • Personalizes sales, provides direct communication between the supplier and the buyer, as well as individualized selection of goods and services for the customer;
  • Reduces or eliminates the chain of intermediaries, which accordingly speeds up the feedback;
  • Creates an opportunity to cut costs. Since, an online store needs only a warehouse, there is no need for commercial facilities and staff maintenance, advertising costs are also reduced, and the final price of the goods becomes more attractive to the buyer;
  • Provides uninterrupted monitoring over the execution of the order;
  •  New business opportunities.

All interested in detailed information about the service, as well as tariffs and price agreements we invite to our branches.

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