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Settlement & Cash Operations

Azer Turk Bank OJSC offers individuals opening of current accounts in Azerbaijani manat, US dollars, Euro, Russian rubles, Turkish lira, Swiss Franc and Pound Sterling. Opening of accounts and operations on them are implemented in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Bank's internal regulations.

Individuals are provided with the following services:

  • Opening of a current account in the above mentioned currencies
  • Non-cash transactions within and outside Azerbaijan
  • Depositing cash and non-cash funds
  • Withdrawal of cash from the account
  • Maintenance of statements and certificates on the account and operations on it.
  • Multi-currency conversion transactions on purchase and sale of currencies
  • Professional advice on banking operations
  • Encashment services – receiving cash and its transportation from one place to another upon the customer’s request (for example from client’s office to the Bank or vice versa).

The Bank’s settlement system enables free and quick inter-branch money transfers. Transfers within and outside the country are held in Azerbaijani manat and foreign currencies.
The commission for opening of an account and transactions on it are charged in accordance with official tariffs of Azer Turk Bank OJSC.

In order to open a current account individuals should provide the following documents:

  1. Application form for opening an account (provided by the Bank)
  2. Agreement for opening an account (provided by the Bank)
  3. ID (the information on the document is compared with that in the application and specimen signature sheet bank representative keeps the copy and returns the document to the owner).
  4. Specimen signature sheet.

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